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Old Film Developing

Old Film Developing
Old Film Developing
Old Film Developing
Old Film Developing
Old Film Developing


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Your Old Films Developed and Printed (an old film is one that is more that 5 years old)

Have you found an old film in a drawer and would love to know what's on it?

We can develop you old film and make prints. All prints are on matte borderless paper.

If no pictures come out we will refund you 75% of what you paid

Have a look at our photos to see which film you have. If in doubt you can email us.

What To Do:

Select the QTY (the number of films you are sending), then the PRINT SIZE in the drop down menu, then select if you also want the film SCAN TO CD and then ADD TO CART and proceed to checkout

  • Print off the receipt from us (this is e-mailed to you) or put your name & address on a piece of paper so we know who sent what.
  • Put the  receipt into the padded envelope with your film.(make sure your name and address is on the receipt.)
  • Seal the envelope and post it to our address below.

Photofast Ltd.,
51 O'Connell Street,
Sligo, F91AX07, Ireland.


Shop with confidence. We have been in business since 1985



Thanks for the processing, I didn't really expect to have any useable images from films that were so old. I was delighted to see my late wife and my son's 10th birthday. He's now 37! Amazing for some images to be really good. Thanks again. I'm sure I'll be sending more films but they won't be 27 years old next time!



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CONTACT Photofast Ltd.,
51 O’Connell Street,
Sligo, F91AX07,
P: 071-9143627
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