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B. 35mm Cross Processing Of Slide Film

B.  35mm Cross Processing Of Slide Film
B.  35mm Cross Processing Of Slide Film
B.  35mm Cross Processing Of Slide Film
B.  35mm Cross Processing Of Slide Film
B.  35mm Cross Processing Of Slide Film


Set Of Prints:



This is NOT your normal film developing.

This film developing is for developing E6 slide/transparency film in C41.

This is where a slide/transparency film (E6 process) is developed in C41 (negative process). The results are that the film turns into a negative BUT the colours and contrast are not what you would expect. See our sample photo. Remember you have to use a slide/transparency film to get this effect.

For full information about cross processing visit this site. ( click on the photo)

Unsure what type of film you have?

Just look at our detailed photos. Remember you can ask us a question and we are happy to help.

You can decide if you want your negatives returned or not.

  • For return of negatives:  select economy post at checkout.(shipping charge will apply)
  • Do not return negatives: select collect in store at checkout

What To Do

  • Select the QTY and then add to cart and proceed to checkout
  • Print off the receipt from us (this is e-mailed to you) or put your name & address on a piece of paper so we know who sent what.
  • Put the  receipt into the padded envelope with your film.(make sure your name and address is on the receipt.)
  • Seal the envelope and post it to our address below.

Photofast Ltd.,
51 O'Connell Street,
Sligo, F91AX07, Ireland.

It's as easy as that.

Shop with confidence, we have been in business since 1985.

Technical Details:

Your negatives will be scanned and we will upload your images to a secure fold in Google Drive and we produce two file sizes. You get High Res and Low Res image of each neg. High Res is suitable for printing and enlarging, the photos are 2941 x 1960 pixels (4.5mb per photo average file size) and the Low Res are great for e-mailing to friends, these photos are 367 x 245 pixels. (They will appear smaller in Google Drive because they are compressed)

Each negative is individually assessed and scanned with correct colour balance and contrast on a Kodak Pakon F135 scanner. We don't print on automatic, each negative gets our care and attention.

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CONTACT Photofast Ltd.,
51 O’Connell Street,
Sligo, F91AX07,
P: 071-9143627
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